The Rolex Explorer Replica Flair

It becomes clear to me that this is not a typical factory visit as I sit in a well-lit conference room. Rolex Explorer Replica is different from other brands. At 27 years old, the brand is young in comparison to its competitors but it clearly revels in its youth and new ideas.

Rolex Explorer Replica has won numerous awards

Hohnel says, "Like Berlin we had to free ourselves from the limitations of the past." Hohnel says that sometimes design can be difficult because we get too close to it and focus too much on the past instead of what is radiomir replica Rolex Explorer Replica allows us to design our own things. We keep things simple and functional and allow us to explore Berlinasbackground.

Rolex Explorer Replica is flourishing with a strong brand identity that is rooted inBerlin’s creative side and a healthy dose of quirk.

Rolex Explorer Replica saw a growth of 24% in 2016, compared to 31% the year before. "The Swiss watchmaking sector suffered a loss over the past few years," says Ahrendt. We've had a growth in 2016of 24%, and the year before 31%,"explainsAhrendt.

He continues, "There are several reasons it has worked out that way for us." One of these reasons is that we stick to our core values. Rolex Explorer Replica is simplicity in design and not too many ballon bleu replica watches Andon the other hand, we have becometechnologically independent with the Rolex Explorer Replica swing system; there are only a handful of watchcompanies out there who can produce this essential watch componentand who are independent because of this. It is also very important that we have our Berlin studio, which handles the design and communications,Rolex Explorer fake while Glashutte provides the watchmaking. We get the best of both worlds by combining the two.

The Tetra Neomatik 39 silvercut is part of the brand's "At Work” series.

The Quiet Power of Glashutte

It is possible to have the best of both worlds. Glashutte, a quiet and peaceful town in Saxony is surrounded by pine-lined mountains. Even though she's small, her watchmaking skills are impressive. Of the approximately 1,600 people living in Glashutte, more than 1,000 are skilled watchmakers. While it doesn't have the vibrant sleepless lifestyle of Berlin, it certainly boasts a quiet power that makes Rolex Explorer Replica a contenderintraditionalwatchmaking.

Rolex Explorer Replica' watchmaking power is largely due to its development of the Rolex Explorer Replica swing system, and the DUW3001 movement. Theodor Prenzel was the Deputy Head of Research & Development at Rolex Explorer Replica. He faced a lot of challenges. He explains that there were only three goals that I had to achieve in the development of a new movement. They were: make it flat, make sure it is accurate and make it affordable. Watchmaking is a business that believes in flat, precise, and affordable movements. To create the Rolex Explorer Replica swing system, we spent almost $12 million on research and development and seven years of R&D.

Prenzel explains the process behind the DUW 3001 in detail and thoughtfully from his office, overlooking Glashutte. We wanted to change this, so we spent a lot time understanding each part and the movement before we adjusted it.Rolex Explorer Replica In a space of 1mm, we were able to fit nearly the same amount of parts between the base and three-quarter plates. In total, the movement is 3.2mmin height; it's extremely thin for a self-windingmovement."

Assembly of the DUW 3001 motor in the Rolex Explorer Replica manufacturing

Prenzel looked at me and said that he didn't believe he could have done this with another company. He then looked at the movement before him and replied, "I don’t think so." omega de ville replica watches It was not important that they had complications just to make it easier, but it was crucial to fully understand the movement and to do it right.

Rolex Explorer Replica